The Myth of Lilith

"She is destructive, she can fly and she has a penchant for sex. Yet this tale adds a new twist: She is Adam’s first wife, before Eve, who boldly leaves Eden because she is treated as man’s inferior."

For years I keep coming back to the story of Lilith. Maybe I am so compelled because I grew up Catholic. The idea that a woman can be a demoness, and can be idolized still, is a whole new world I never new existed. This seems like one of the missing components that women can incorporate into their awareness that would make sense of feeling enraged at the way women are treated. We are allowed to feel crazy. We are not always treated as equals.

I read the other day, that Bradley Copper and Christian Bale made more in American Hustle than Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Really? Would that movie be anything with Jennifer Lawrence?!? Amy Adams carried that role so well. Every time Bale's character chowed vulnerability, it was because of Amy. The silliness of Bradley Cooper in the bathroom sex scene, yes Amy. (ok done with movie rant)

The stories of Lilith are from the Jewish tradition.  When I think of Jewish women, I think of very grounded, well respected successful women. Maybe these inner feelings of having power, regardless of who it hurts, is okay. Maybe killing babies, is a novel idea that women can be without children, and still be valuable to society. Living the life she wants, for herself. Women could be seen as we see men, free to make the decisions that men make for themselves. They do what they want, and no one thinks they shouldn't. 

Lilith refuses to lie underneath Adam during sex, but he insists that the bottom is her rightful place. He apparently believes that Lilith should submissively perform wifely duties. Lilith, on the other hand, is attempting to rule over no one. She is simply asserting her personal freedom. Lilith states, “We are equal because we are both created from the earth.”

Whirling in a text of spirit and divinity, is a person from the earth. Someone connected to desires, and emotions. A woman that is very clear that she will have her way, on this plane. In her lifetime. Not only passing her power onto her daughter, to have the next generation live out our collective true selves. 

Maybe we will have a woman president, in my lifetime. Why not?

In this way, she helps maintain the world’s balance between good and evil.