I break the sacred bonds.

May you live happy, forever.

Close to the one you love.


I just stopped sobbing after finishing a book in one day. "Girl in Translation." It is about a young woman, who finds herself, amidst great struggle. These amazing stories about transformation, with nothing but our human passion, is what really got me excited about finding something I love to photograph. 

People. I was so amazed by my birth experience, that I wanted to document the process for women, to cherish, for themselves. The very real, very tangible experience of becoming a mother.

When I was pregnant, I could not believe I was about to embark, on the journey of raising a human being. With all of our imperfections, with all of our fears, our longings, that someone's life was now in my hands.

I would teach this person to love, to take care of this beautiful planet, and to treat others with compassion. This was not a small undertaking. This was it. But it was also the birth of another part of me. 

What is so beautiful to me about life, is that we come to do something. To become someone. To experience the heartache, and the joy, to find our way. In the awkward way, we get to figure out along the way. And now I would do this in the light of my daughter's sacred reflection, not only my mother's, and my grandmother's. 

As if my story is now amplified.