Women Amazing Women

I am a single mother of a twelve year old girl. In this bizarre time of becoming a woman, I have a heightened awareness of; celebrity women icons, women rock stars, women politicians and mothers and daughter relationships. To see what is informing her. 

I am acutely aware of my reaction to how women act. The embarrassing ways women can act, when they are feeling insecure. The way women treat other women. How we act with men, how we treat our partners. Of course my identification and participation in these acts as well.

After having a baby girl, I began my journey to hold that idea, and relationship of being a woman as sacred as possible. After twelve years, and being birthed into motherhood, by three amazing midwives, I am so proud of where we are. 

I am so proud of meeting, and learning about women who stand for one another so profoundly, that I can feel blessed, and secure to send my daughter off to this wild world. Knowing that we are everywhere, and we are so awesome. 

Thank you wild women. Women who play to their own hearts. Women who choose not to believe the old stories, but instead wrote new ones. 

Thank you for being strong. Thank you for not caving in. Thank you for learning your own ways of a wisdom that comes from within. 

May we forever pass that on. 


Miss Maya Burning Man 2011. 

Miss Maya Burning Man 2011.