My Birth Book   PNCA 2011

I have teachers who have shown my a higher path. 

I have been lead to the place in my career that just pushes the limits of my attempted vulnerability. The vulnerability comes when I go within and ask why. A part of me is in love with the broad story of my life. This being wants to be a part of the invention of what I am here for. This is our true nature that is our birth right. 

Birth Book Cover Pregnancy
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When Maya was little we lived by the river.

They had beautiful wild brush with lovely dried flowers. I was taking a etching class, so I dug these into the copper. I heart making things. My hands are happiest when creating. The process for this is similar to the dark room. Old school. I loved the dark room with big flat baths filled with nose stinging chemicals. The film in canisters. My hands would smell too. Take it everywhere. Happy by me. 

The etchings of a moth, and dried flowers were the prints I was left with. A year later the book became a idea. 

Portland Pregnancy Photography.jpeg
Pregnancy Photographer Pdx.jpeg


I wanted to sew the images I saw at the farm. This was a time that was 10 years away. I was pregnant there. The farm consisted of a orchard and a few fields for tomatoes. The land was a Indian Reservation in Humboldt County, by the Trinity River. 

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The etchings of a moth, and dried flowers.