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Beauty Seen. Valued. Understood.


I am having the life of synchronicity. If I can allow it that it to happen. 

I was given my first camera by my father. If this is a my myth, he is the king in my story. I attended New England School of Photography to only feel technically literate and lost on where to proceed. 

After school I traveled to Africa, I had know a nonprofit operating in Uganda since I was seven. My parents worked on having a foundation set up to empower a specific community. The image where the women are holding shovels, is a group building a literacy education space. The foundation supported with materials.  When I was pregnant I remembered the women there as these beings of strength. I took solace in the idea of them giving birth in the field and then walking over and going back to work. It helped me not take my pain so seriously.

I was traveling in Rome years later visiting a family friend and I saw these beautiful underwater birth photos. The women were in a large pool with light streaming from above. They were in these gracious body positions. My thought immediately was, I want that. 

When I found out I was pregnant I moved to Humbolt County. I wanted to live on a farm. I was returned to the land which was a long way from what I knew. I grew up in Massachusetts with zero experience with cooking vegetable never mind growing them. I feel in love with the birds and the trees. Singing me awake. My biggest regret about this time was that I didn't take the photo of my pregnant self that I had visualized. 

I gave birth to my daughter in the water by the ocean. I had two midwives birthing me into who I am today.  What I learned during this time was that I was much more powerful than I thought I was. Supported by women I thrived. The feeling of complete and utter confidence leads me today. 

Afterward I move to Portland. I wanted to be apart the birth experience, it can serve so much more. I put two together. I wanted to photograph births. The beauty of women in pregnancy, in a state of vulnerability, made me excited to give them the proof of this truth. 

I love having women in the studio. A sense of intimacy during a time when body shame and anxiety about the task at hand is in full view of the mind and heart, and now we will shine the light.  I have so much respect for women who choose to step into this. 

What happens is quite lovely. She finds her body in a new way. A way that can be received as generosity. A refined elegance while being with child is possible. Sensuality can stay intact. Please take it with you into motherhood, cultural standards appreciate purity in mothers. 

Come and hold your creative side near and dear. Honor her to be a force to be reckoned with. Uncover the essence of your self in another way. Come with me.