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Maternity Sessions 

This is a time of change. One life is leaving you. That Maiden identity. Mother is on the way. A while in the future will be the Crone.

They are all impactful in their own ways. These are the stories that fill our world. This time in space is a big one. Pay

attention. You are birthing yourself.

Sessions are in the studio, unless otherwise requested. One and a half hour for photographing. I bring some wraps, shawls, fabric. You are encouraged to bring something that speaks to you. Something that you love. Cardigans and the such work well with well fitting under garments. 

I will design what it is that brings out intimacy. I will hope to achieve the highest level I can. I only want you to feel beauty. 

Digital files are included in the price. 15 edited and given what they need.   $475

Birth Photography

Oh wow. This is a big deal. I am sure you are curious to what this will be like. I was. 

Seeing the reality of this crazy occasion is pretty cool. Where you were, who you invited, and what actually got this child out. Including the grit of who you had to become to get it done. Courage is one trait. What are your others?

I will be on call until full labor ensues. I am available for six hours. I stay for a short while after. But this time is mostly for you. Unless otherwise requested. 

Time, digital files and a birth book come standard. $975



Oh well, bragging rights are a real thing. Might as well go for it. 

I like to come to your home with my basket and other blankets. It is easier on everyone. Studio is available of course. 

I spend about two hours photographing. This leaves time for possible feeding time. Whatever needs to happen so your baby is relaxed and happy. 

Digital files are included. $525